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Monday, October 22, 2012

What should Romeo say when he doesn't know how to respond?

Occasionally, due to the variable lengths of the sketches I've written, Romeo will be thrown a line he can't respond to. What should he do? The last thing he should do is respond with, "I have no answer for that". That line is reserved for Atomic as a mark of his machine-esque existence.

When Romeo receives a topic he can't reply to he, like Atomic, defaults to his * (star) category. Today I've rewritten his * category so that he will reply with one of the following six randomly generated replies. The *  in the template element actually picks up the line that was thrown by Atomic and incorporates it into Romeo's reply. There may be a dash of echolalia here - but I don't think it represents a psychiatric disorder for Romeo.

Atomic, you can be so random at times - * really?
Has someone put salt and vinegar on your chips?
You've been dead too long.
* - you're mad as a bag of hammers!
You've derailed my train of thought - why * ?
Sometimes I feel like I'm herding cats.

From these lines I can now get Atomic to either defend himself (usually by abusing Romeo), pick up on part of what Romeo has said (e.g. cats), or change to a new topic.

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Good one Mike. Seems the most elegant solution to the problem.