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Monday, July 18, 2011

A better diagramatic view

Here is an updated version of the diagram. I was concerned by the Ptolemaic positioning of the playwright at the center of the production universe. 

The structures remain unchanged but this diagram suggests that these structures are internalized within the playwright. I think this better describes the process and accords with the work of Bourdieu (habitus and field of works) and Csikszentmihalyi (domain acquisition and field). 

(Note - This is version 5 of the diagram. As I've been writing the associated section of the literature review I've refined the titles used on the sections.)



This is a fantastic diagram Mike.

Really helps to conceptualize how it all fits together...


Wow - This diagram really is cool.

It's also given me an idea on how to draw a diagram of how `Transmedia' works (novel, adapted to a film, a game, comics etc).

And maybe even one on - how a (say) Film is developed from an Idea (Premise) into: Characters, a Story, Plot and Scenes - and how the Theme `encapsulates' them all...

And another diagram on `how a film is realized'. Same sort of notion - with the CGI and effects and titles, etc. And `where the writer-director' sits in all of that.

I think it only works for a Writer-Director though. (Much like Dramaturg, I think, in your example Mike.)

Thanks for this. Very thought-provoking.