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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bots I have known...

This post is retrospective account of the technological work I've done in first three weeks of 2010.

The burning question remains... How do I get two bots to talk to each other?

My early attempts were with Program N (AIMLpad - This, after some considerable fiddling allowed me to see two bots talking. I had to learn some Perl scripting and get the memory allocations sorted out. However, in the end, it almost worked. Why only almost? It seems that if there is too much recursion in the AIML sets the script fails to generate a response. So, after a variable number of interchanges, the interaction would fall to blank lines.

I could have kept going down this path but I doubt I have the programming skills necessary to seriously sort the problems.

Also, I noted in the documentation that what the Perl script was doing was providing a means of imitating what a web server could do.

For that reason I decided to bit the bullet an have a serious look at Program D. I've run version 4.1.5 quite successfully - it uses a built in 'Jetty' mini-web server. Cool. Version 4.6 of Program D has had the web server removed to make it 'easier' to implement on a real server.

To get version 4.6 working on my Mac was a very steep learning curve. Eventually I fixed my local file association errors and got the simple GUI (Graphic User Interface) console working. There was much cheering! Then I started on the .war file - this is a web application that contains the 'engine' and the 'brain' of the bot. My logic was - If I can get one of these to work, then I can get two, then I can use Javascript or Actionscript (?) to get the two to talk to each other.

The process went something like this:
1. get Apache Tomcat server working on my machine.
2. get ANT ( a compiler program operating).
3. Recompile the .war file from my working version of Program D 4.6.
4. Deploy on Tomcat.

All good? Well I've got the .war to deploy but it's throwing an error message I can't yet understand.

I know so little about programming but I feel the need to know. The tools of the trade have an effect on the product - so I need to better know my tools.

More soon.

So far

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